TOS REVIEW: Virginia Soaps & Scents

Bubbles, Bubbles, Bubbles... I love bubbles but you are not going to find them in the sink today! We have been using natural hand soaps from Virginia Soaps and Scents for the past few weeks. We received four Bed & Breakfast size bars to trial as a benefit of being part of the TOS HOmeschool Crew. We received Orange,
Oatmeal, Milk and Honey and Coconut Lemongrass. The fourth was a Ginger-Lime Shampoo Bar. The first question I heard was "What in the world is a shampoo bar?" LOL, yes we are more "city folk with country roots". After explanation, all in household were ready to try the new products. Immediately, the beautiful packaging was opened. I loved the country house design on the packaging and in the shape of the bar. My daughter grabbed the Coconut Lemongrass. The Oatmeal, Milk and Honey was the first to be placed in the shower. The Orange package was set aside, but would soon be in use. The next day we sampled the Shampoo Bar. My husband and I both felt it cleaned well, but we did not have the softness and volume we usually get from our regular product. We will probably stick with our ninty-nine cent cleansing shampoo.

We also received a kit to make homemade laundry soap. My husband is tickled at my excitement. "This will be interesting!", he said. It's not that he doubts me, I just tend to dream of doing such things. I spend hours looking through "country" magazines and blogs. I admire such folks and their beautiful pictures. I dream of a ranch with beautiful landscape, and I so diligently working and serving my family . I have just tended to be more the modern, city girl of the family despite such dreams.

The soaps are made with all natural oils. My daughter is so thrilled to have been introduced to these natural products. She will be leaving for Mission Training in 2010 and sprouting her own wings. She has marketed this to many of her friends who are setting up their first homes. She plans to make these a staple in her future home. She has been teaching her Mother about "organic" and "natural" the past few years. Being an "Ivory Soap" family for generations, I was not to sure about all this. She is allergic to aloe products and has very sensitive skin. I warned her about trying something we were unsure of, but she was sure she was going to be happy.
As I said, she is a sold customer! The soap did not irritate her skin. People commented on how her skin was glowing and so soft. She said, "They are so cute and they work!"

We all noticed that our skin was much softer. My husband liked that there seemed to be no residue. We also liked that the bars did not break down easily. These soaps were used multiple times per day. We have about half a bar left after six weeks. I will be purchasing more for our home, and will be purchasing in a larger quantity. I also will be purchasing a standard size for my husband. His only dislike was the size of the bar.

Read more on "soaps", what is in them and such here at the soap story.

Everything this company sells is from scratch. They have created their own recipes that are poured into Roy's handmade poplar soap molds. Roy also makes the tools used in cutting and planing the soap. A busy man, he too prints the labels and literature.
All products are first tested in the The Spargur Family home. Their children work alongside them. This is a special delight-directed family business. This project first began as part of a Historical Unit Study they started after a personal tragedy. They fell so in love with the process of soap creations, a family business was begun.

We are so pleased we plan to purchase some for Christmas. The prices are truly reasonable. Please note that they have several other items available as well. (Examples: lip balm, lotions and pet shampoo) Visit their lovely website at Virginia Soaps and Scents.

Per Bar $4.50, each are 4.5 oz
3 Bars for $12.00
Buy 4 Bars- Get 1 Free!!!!
NEW- 10 Bars for $35.00 - NEW!!!

You can also purchase a lovely, handmade white poplar tray to keep you soap high and dry for only $2.50. For that price I may purchase a few to include with gifts.

I am excited to also share with you that they now have available Christmas soaps, Samplers and Gifts. There is a Bed & Breakfast Sampler, Virginia Sampler, Gift Crates and a Soap & Dish Gift Set. Prices range from $5.95 to $39.95.