TOS REVIEW: Sue Patrick Workbox System

For months I have been seeing pictures of well organized, beautiful Homeschool spaces. We have Homeschooled for ten years, and only twice out of seven homes, did I have a single space to set up Homeschool. For the last three years we have lived in a small condo type dwelling. Our daughter had a computer desk she worked at or would move to the kitchen table. For son, we are in various parts of the house or outside. We may even construct a tent and imagine we are on the open prairie or in a Civil War Camp learning. As a Homeschool Parent who has been on bed rest, we often make-shift our king size bed into a learning environment. We have sailed the high seas and traveled in a covered wagon, all by means of our imagination and the big bed! I thrive on organization and list making, but over the years life required some flexibility.

We could have stayed with our boxed curriculum, but we knew God was calling us to a God-lead, Delight-Directed, Eclectic Learning Lifestyle. I dreamed of what it must be like to have such beautiful learning environments. Then my son reminded me, "Mom,
you did not want to recreate school at home, we want to experience learning! If you are going to create a school like area, I may as well go to the private school down the road." The wisdom of a child!

Even so, I quickly downloaded the E-Book that Ms. Sue Patrick sent me to review, as a member of the TOS Homeschool Crew. She has developed an organizational system for Homeschooling families. I had researched the lovely picture's I told you about earlier. I found most were using a tweaked form or the exact system Ms. Patrick has developed. I thought that maybe I could tweak it a bit. Maybe it would give some help for those code-red days, as we call them. We are aware we are in need of developing more independence in our son. Although, our daughter reminded me that she developed independence just fine with our lifestyle. In fact, she went over-seas without us at fourteen, and she began to work for Disney at fifteen. I don't share that to be prideful but to say, you have to follow your instinct. Most of all, you have to pray for wisdom and guidance that God will show you what is best for your family. Pray that He will lead you with each child. That is what we as a family claim.

Ms. Patrick claims in her User Guide that this system will work for everyone. She also is passionate about her method and really urges that one does not tweak the system. There are reasons for the rules and methods she has in place. She has done extensive research with a cross-section of families to develop her method. Oops, and I had planned for tweaking! I will share with you with some links for you to research and decide for yourself if this truly can fit your needs. I also will be discussing the user guide itself as that is what we were asked to review.

A sample of the user guide is available at the Workbox website. Ms. Patrick explains the system in her own words in this video.
The site also has pictures that help you better understand the structure of her system. Viewing these, I could see where my daughter may have enjoyed this system during her High School years. She has been taking online college classes while developing her Ministry. I did share this system with her, as I thought it might be a beneficial method for organizing a Home Business or Ministry. Oh, but that would be tweaking it. As you see, we just cannot escape tweaking to fit the life God has so richly blessed us with. Here is an interview from "Love to Know", with Ms. Patrick, that may aid you in seeing where she is coming from with her statements.

I found the User Guide to be very "user friendly". Ms. Patrick has done an exceptional job in explaining her method. There are many visual aids throughout the guide. I found it easy to understand and should we wish to implement, it would be very easy to do so. She shares why this has worked in her home and for others. She shares the structure behind the system. She shares a sample daily schedule. She explains why breaking down curriculum is helpful. You will be reminded to include some hands-on activities and games in your daily schedule. You will read how life skills and discipline can be nurtured using this system. Some tips for problem solving are given. Ms. Patrick herself shares how she tweaks curriculum. Are you wondering how to use this system among family dynamics? This too is discussed. I have used some of these same methods over the years. I can see how many of her ideas could be of help to someone who struggles with organization, or needs a refresher. We too can learn and try new things!

Sue Patrick's Workbox System User Guide, a 122 page e-book, is available for $19.95.
A printed version is available for the same price. You may also purchase various starter kits and supplies. To see these and other products browse the catalog. I urge you to browse the entire website to learn more. Be careful not to purchase items based off pictures or others comments alone. It is always good to take time to do your research, view all a website offers, and pray before you choose a new method, product or curriculum. You can read what others have honestly had to say at the TOS Homeschool Crew Blog site.

This review was part of my participation in the, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine Homeschool Crew, a 100+ crew of Homeschool Parents. I received this product in exchange for an honest, balanced review. Please understand that what may work for one family may not fit another. I urge you to read other reviews by the crew, and research thoroughly before purchasing any product.