TOS REVIEW: Sarah's Wish

Not often have I had the chance to quietly read for relaxation, other than my nightly devotions. Usually, other than devotional, my reading is for information purposes for all of life. Much reading is done with my children in books related to our Homeschool weekly lessons. What an inspiring and enjoyable gift I received from Author Jim Baumgardner. He sent an autographed copy of "Sarah's Wish" to the Homeschool Crew Members for our honest reviews. From the beginning I was intrigued.
The warm and friendly correspondence we crew members received , was the first sign that this was going to be a delightful experience.

I was immediately excited as I pulled the book right out of the package. As I mentioned before, the Monarch Butterfly serves as a symbol of hope to me. Here, on the cover, was a butterfly.Inside was a sticker of a butterfly next to Mr. Baumgardner's autograph. A note to "Becky" was included. This was special indeed. In fact, you too can give someone this special gift.You may order a personalized autographed copy today. A link for an audio download is provided in the back of the book. This too is a welcome addition and adds to the value of your purchase.

This series of books inspires and shows how hope can you see you through the trials life may bring. The hero will have pain, but in the end, hope can triumph. The enemy is beaten. These inspiring truths are shared through vivid storytelling, though rich historical fiction. As I too come from a long line of German storytellers, I could relate to the inspiration behind Mr. Baumgardner's storytelling. This particular story is dedicated to his grandchildren. When asked about this, he stated that he wanted them to "know about history and where we as a people have been". You can read more about Mr. Baumgardner, and his desire to bring history to life, at the Sarah Books Website.

We are currently studying the Civil War Era and just recently finished our study of the Underground Railroad, in which "Sarah's Wish" is set. There is a section on the UGRR on the Sarah Books site which may serve helpful if you are studying this era. The site also offers book excerpts, related questions and facts, reviews and pictures. While you are there, visit the Homeschool page and sign up for the free e-newsletter full of interesting news about Sarah's World.

Through the fictional stories of Sarah in Nineteenth-Century America, you are taken back to this interesting and turbulent time. Through reading a book written with such vivid imagery and characterization, the history comes alive! This particular book, "Sarah's Wish" invites you to nineteenth century rural Ohio. "The story begins one stifling hot afternoon. Do you feel the heat? Taste the dust? Smell the horseflesh? Hear the laughter of mother and daughter? And--see that snake! You are in 1858. Hang on--here we go!"

As I read on, I immediately fell in love with Granny and Sarah. The scenes played out in my head as I read. I shared a few chapters with my 11 year old son. Because of our situation with my health concerns, I chose not to continue reading this wonderful story to him. Together, we may revisit the story in a less turbulant personal time. I do hope to purchase all the books to have as part of our family library. I look forward to one day reading these with my own grandchildren. Such lessons can be learned as you read together. Sarah holds on to hope and the Christian values she was taught as she deals with the tragic loss of her Mother, encounters slave catchers, danger and many other adventures. This book will hold the attention of its reader. I became so captured by the lives of those in the story, I could barely lay the book down as my husband turned off the light. I seriously was tempted to sneak off and read on! I only wish I already had the entire series in my hands. We have read the great classics and many living books over the past ten years of Homeschooling our children. Once in awhile we stumble upon ones that spark great discussions, spark further research, and touch our hearts in an emotional connection. Thank you Mr. Baumgardner for introducing us to Sarah's World!

Sarah's Wish is available for $9.99 at the Sarah Books website.
Sarah's Promise is available for $13.50.
Sarah's Escape is available for $17.50.
This includes free shipping and the personal autograph.