TOS REVIEW: Amazing Bible Timeline

I recently was provided with a Bible Timeline for my use, and in exchange for my honest opinion of the product. This fair review is based upon the experience my family had with the product. This experience is part of our journey as part of the TOS Homeschool Crew. I was not monetarily compensated. To read more on this and other Homeschool products, please visit the TOS Homeschool Crew Blog.

Bible Charts and Maps, LLC recently priority shipped their large 38x46 Bible Timeline to us. The triangular box sparked our interest! We appreciated the care used in shipping to avoid any damage. The timeline is on cardstock and has a "varnished" cover, it is not laminated. It is created to withstand repeated use. We rolled the timeline out on the tabletop. We were both intrigued and overwhelmed by the whole thing. The circular graph, various colors, and the very small print had my head whirling! We have been creating timelines sense we first started using Tapestry of Grace products five years ago. We have notebooks of labeled timelines. We use a variety of sources for our timelines. In fact, this review has sparked me to write a post about our Timeline adventures. Check back next week for this story and a list of resources for you.

My heart raced as I read and tried to figure how this large model worked, and just how could we incorporate it into our current studies? The model claims to have 6,000
years of Bible and World History together in one model. The circular model works like a clock. Ok, I began to see how it works. My first instinct is always to check the sources anything comes from, and check it against God's Holy Word. We also take a Creationist stand, which effects our timeline to someone else's. We have studied from Creation to the Civil War Era, currently. We have encountered other cultures, religious and political views upon our journey. We try and teach our children a Christian Worldview, to use the scriptures as their guide. We have taught and are teaching them to understand why they believe what they believe.

Product: Amazing Bible Timeline
Details:6000 years of history in one 37" by 45" chart. Also comes with free downloads and interactive maps.
Price: $29.97 and two for $49.97

*Durable product
*Large enough so everyone could gather around it and learn together
*Young Earth Theology
*An index for easy reference of key events and names
*World History at your fingertips
*Money Back Guarantee

*Prefer a linear timeline
*As with any Timeline Product that is pre-made, someone else has determined who and what were important.
*We found it difficult to read due to the very small print.
*Although published in 2001, the last current listed is from 1991. So be aware this is not for a study of current events.
*There is a discussion going on about sources used, and that there is a LDS version of the timeline which was sent to many Christian Homes. This alerts us!

Because of this last challenge, we cannot promote this product. Some resources are very reputable, such as The Holy Bible. However, I cannot accept using the Book of Mormon or the Apochrypha ( past being used as a historical source) as reputable sources for a timeline my family would use. I am not here to judge, but am saying, for our family this is unacceptable. Our beliefs do not align with those of the above sources. However, this has been addressed and I do appreciate Bill and Margaret's willingness to address the issue. Please read their response if you think this timeline may be of benefit to your home

Here is a sample of that response. Thank you to 5intow at Delighting in His Richness for this summary.

We began working with the Amazing Bible Timeline in 1975, forty-four years after its first printing in 1931. 1975 was a time when Christians were committed to building greater unity or cooperation among Christian faiths . . .

To answer the question, we were asked to provide an LDS version. We did it and we still provide it today. None of the original Timeline dates were changed. No LDS dates were added to the original Amazing Bible Timeline. A separate version was made. The two timelines have separate copyrights and ISBNs.

When the North and South American history dates were added (Olmecs through Mayans and more) they were taken from archaelogists working in those areas. After that was done, not before, Book of Mormon dates were added to the LDS version.

Unfortunately after the printing in 2000, Fedex destroyed our original film. We recreated it using the LDS version by removing all of the dates we had added. Unfortunately we either missed one or on the last reprinting (2009) the opaquing film fell off that one date. We apologize and are working with the printer to remove it. Anyway thanks for calling it to our attention.

Does the Timeline have an LDS slant? We don't know how it could. We work to make sure it has no slant. The original Timeline on which ours is based does not have an LDS background. We added dates from 1931 to 2000 so unless there's an LDS slant to dates associated with WWII or the first astronauts on the moon there isn't one.

Bill and Margaret both come from varied religious background. . .

Our commitment is to keep doctrine off of the Timeline and out of our website.