Taylors Closet

Ali here again, thanks for all the prayers that you are sending our way! Mom is still having to stay down, but she is the strongest person I know! I am excited because she is letting me write a second blog post, on ANOTHER organization that I adore, Taylor's Closet.

Never before have I been so passionate for a ministry, as I am for Taylor's Closet. If I was only allowed to chose one word to describe Taylor's Closet, it would be INSPIRATIONAL! Whether you are inspired by one teenagers desire to glorify her God and make a difference, or the stories of each girl that walks through their doors, your heart will forever be touched.

Lindsay Giambattista founded Taylor's Closet when she was just four-teen years old. She wanted to show girls in foster care, who were broken and torn, that their Father in Heaven loved them, and that is exactly what Taylor's Closet does! What starts as a store like environment, complete with trendy designer clothes, turns into a time of prayer, support, and fellowship. Girls walk into a fun, peaceful, yet vibrant surrounding, as they are allowed to pick out pieces of clothing that they love, at no cost to them. Please visit their website www.taylorscloset.org for more information. I also encourage you to view this video of girls who were interviewed at Taylor's Closet. They are strong, beautiful, young women!

Want a part in this fantastic ministry? The first thing that Taylor's Closest suggests is prayer, to pray, and listen to what God has to say! Donations for clothing are always needed. Money donations are most welcome. If you are interested in giving a financial donation, get your church, work, organization involved! Fund raise! Get the word out there!
Details on both clothing and financial donations can be found at

Also you can drop by their online store! Buy a t-shirt, jewelery, and even a tote bag. Best part, every cent goes to Taylor's Closet!

Please pray for the girls that are lead to Taylor's Closet, for their staff, and for the ministry as a whole, may God richly bless them!

- Ali