Free Resources and other Savings

Once in awhile, on Friday's I like to join others in sharing some great free resources, and savings on others. This week has lead me to some great ones, that I have used myself.

One is for your Christian Studies. This site would benefit any Christian family. I was sent this link and may use some ideas and sheets from here to build off on our studies. These are free pdf files made available for any family to use, or even a ministry. It just is not to be resold. There are 325 lessons available in English and Spanish. Literally, a year or more worth of Bible Curriculum at your fingertips!

Secondly, is another Christian Resource. CREATION This one is two-fold. First, are resources for the creation vs. evolution debate. Everything from videos, articles, books, and audio files. This site claims to answer many of the most-asked questions about our Creator and the Bible. I have not had time to read over all the site has to offer. I do feel comfortable in sharing this link to you, from what I have read and used.

A part I am very excited about is the Homeschool Corner. If you scroll down on the first page, there is a button to link you. A large part of the Homeschool Corner is sponsored by The Old Schoolhouse. There are many Free E-books to download.
Here you will find various online resources for training up your children. Categories on each of the main Homeschool methods, articles on getting started, staying the course, socialization, and each subject are available to encourage and delight you. These will equip you for the journey ahead. This site has been bookmarked on our computer! We printed the E-book "Lincoln Vs. Darwin" by Deborah Wuehler. We are currently studying the Civil War era and this will be a nice addition to our discussions and copy work. Be sure and visit HOMESCHOOL CORNER

Lastly, I want to tell you about a low cost resource for any family to dig deeper into a variety of subjects. Amanda Bennett is a favorite author among many Homeschoolers. Her Unit Studies delight all ages. We have enjoyed the Units we have purchased. Now, we are thrilled to inform you that on Friday's at Unit Studies she is offering Complete Unit Studies for $5. This is a huge savings! Shipping is only $1. This is going to be a blessing to many families. Be sure and drop Ms. Bennett a note, thanking her for giving like this! This week's topics are on Ocean's, Inventor's and Easter.
Purchase now for later!

If you are still unsure how Unit Studies could work for your family, there is a free E-book available at the Homeschool Corner site I shared above. This E-Book helps to explain how they work, and the reasoning behind the method. We personally mix Unit Studies, Applied Trivium and Charlotte Mason theories. Most would call our method "Eclectic". I hope you enjoy today's links, and find a few things to lighten your load and better equip you as you train up your children. God Bless!