Where Has Time Gone?

My goodness! "Time is fleeting", my Mother would always say. I cannot believe it is the middle of the week and almost Labor Day! Where has my sense of time gone? I feel like I just arrived home from vacation! I went to sleep and then here we are weeks later and I have not shared how glorious the 50th anniversary was! Hmmm...can I say it is because I turned 40!? LOL

Here is a head's up of what is coming at There Is Hope Blog: ( Really - check back in and see that I have not slept through the coming weeks! )

Reviews on fantastic reviews like Guardian Angel Press, Bright Ideas Press, Sarah Books, Study Pod and more!

Ya Ya Youth ( I had hope to get this series started in August but I was having so much fun being youthful! )

Marriage Matters ( Stephen, my husband, and I had hoped to also start posting this series in August. It is a subject very important to us, and one God wants us to chat with you about. We are fine tuning our plans and will have this going by the end of Oct.)

More blogs on Faith, Hope and Love. More on parenting and Homeschooling while ill.
A blog about College at home will also be shared.

I hope you will check in regularly, and leave a comment or two. Let's talk! I hope you find encouragement and hope as you continue your own journey!