One day the doorbell rang, a package from GENIO / Smart Products For Smart People had arrived. I love the surprises I get as part of the TOS Homeschool Crew! As I opened this one, my daughter, a University Freshman, grabbed it from my hands! We had received a Studypod! What perfect timing!

The Studypod was developed by a teacher as a simple way to improve study habits. It aids focus as it holds your text or sheets at an angle similar to your computer. My daughter is attending Liberty University and does all her classes online. She has greatly enjoyed being able to have her book and computer screen easily in front of her. She loved how it also holds her writing utensils, including her highlighters!
It is excellent for transposing notes and doing open book work. She noticed less neck
aches and headaches on the days she uses the Studypod. I liked the way it organizes her desktop! Our only complaint was that the holders did make an impression on the book pages. We decided that it was worth it, but we do watch using it with library books. Note that this was not the case with all books and papers we have used. Most were fine. We love the idea that you can choose other colors! We hope to purchase more Studypods in the future. Check out this informative video and then go shop for a Studypod today!

They are offering a SPECIAL DISCOUNT to our readers. You can get $5 off your order by using this coupon code: TOSBLOG5. So, go shop today! (fundraising opportunities are also available)