TOS REVIEW: Growing Healthy Homes Nutrition 101

As a Homeschool Mother with serious chronic illnesses ,I am more than ever ready to learn ways I can equip my children to fight against the genetics that may have been passed on to them! I , of course, whole heartedly first claim Psalm 91 upon my household, as well as, many of the promises of His word. However, He calls us to not only pray healing and health, not only have faith and hope, but to be wise with what He has given!

Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers. III John 2

What a blessing to our Household to receive "Nutrition 101-Choose Life" from Growing Healthy Homes! We received the curriculum as a download of over 400 pages - WOW! As someone who daily chooses LIFE, and has overcome a five year prognosis by nine years, I was very excited what new materials God was sending to equip our family with! Shortly after, I fell into a "flare" and have been in and out of Doctors, tests ordered STAT, and an emergency room. I was placed on bedrest, and "new " curriculum had to be set to the side. I am happy to report that I am more stable tonight and we are beginning to find some answers as to what is going on with this latest challenge. Unfortunately, my cabinet looks like a pharmacy! This saddens me. I have decided that Nutrition 101 will be part of our daily studies starting Monday! I hope to share weekly what new tools we discover, or what tools we renew as we dig in! Just planning out next weeks lessons, I am renewed with hope. If anything, we will further our understanding of the fearfully and wonderfully made creations that we are!

This is a six-unit program full of activities for the whole family to engage in. Questions as to how food effects the human body as we age, and how we can help our families make wiser choices, are answered as you explore together. You'll learn about the body systems, how they function and why food choices effect us. I have a feeling our whole family is going to be challenged to not only eat because Mom says so, as they come to understand the "why" behind my wishes! Growing Healthy Homes was established to "educate and empower families to establish healthy Christ-centered homes." Established in 2007, they teach a plan for optimum health as outlined in the Bible. They state their message is one of Hope and Healing! Any of my readers, family, and friends know that HOPE is the message of my heart! How excited I am to share my excitement about God equipping our family with this message, at such a critical time! My only regret is that over the past six weeks, I have not been able to fully digest all it has to offer. I want to remind you to visit the Homeschool Crew Blog ( click on image in sidebar ) where you can read many reviews from a variety of families! Also, enjoy this video from YouTube.

Cost for this program may seem high but I ask you to be in prayer over it. Consider the savings if it equips you to a healthier life! This is not to say that any plan is full proof and a guarantee, some things in life are out of control. However, you are in control as to what goes in! Take the authority over your health (under God) and join me in taking the stand to do all you can for yourself and your family! You are worth it! They are worth it! See is this program of study may benefit you and yours: Nutrition 101


Michelle said…
Our family has really been enjoying this study and several of its yummy recipes. I'm so glad that you are able to use it and pray that it will bless your health as well.