Labor Day Study from Living Books

I recently was directed to Living Books Curriculum site. I liked what I saw so I signed up for the free newsletter. I admit I am a newsletter junkie! I am giving Freebie Friday's Offering a day early at TIHB!

Knowing Labor Day is coming up, I was thinking of doing a study about the Holiday. Not much is said about Labor Day anymore. It has become just another Holiday, and the unofficial start of Fall. I was thrilled when in my inbox there was "Labor Day Helper"
from Living Books. Once again, I was provided with a great resource for exactly what I felt we needed to take a look at! God is so good to provide. I wrote Sheila Carroll and asked her if I could share this with you!

She wrote:
Our very popular (and completely free) holiday series brings you LBC's Labor Day Holiday Helper.

September 7 is Labor Day and a perfect chance to bring a world of learning into a civil holiday. Labor Day honors the working men and women and their contribution to American life. This booklet includes everything you need to teach the meaning of Labor Day and make it literature-rich and memorable with poems, copywork, stories, and picture study.

Unfortunately, I am not being able to get the file loaded on here but if I get a link I will post it, but do check out the Living Books site! Why did I post without all the working links? Well, because I am really excited about this ministry and curriculum!

Also coming up is a jam-packed webinar! Sheila shared this information:

Living History with Living Books
Join us for a webinar on teaching history with living books.
There is simply no better way to teach children history than to let living books be their teacher. With living books your child marches with Alexander the Great over the Himalayas, explores the west with Lewis and Clark, rides with Teddy Roosevelt up San Juan Hill, hears Lee and Grant discuss battle plans at Appomattox, on and on through the great pageant of history.

But which books are best? Where do I find living books? How do I organize? Do I need a history curriculum? How will I know my child is learning? Will a timeline help? Sheila and Jim will answer all these questions and provide you with the tools you need to teach history in your homeschool.

For the cost of a movie and popcorn
You get a complete webinar guide, history e-books, templates, and helps to find the books you need--all for the cost of a movie and popcorn.

Join us for this exciting webinar:
September 17, 2009, 7 PM EST
Cost is $22. Our easy registration uses PayPal.

To Register Living History with Living Books
Questions? Email us at

Tonight I visited their website and saw they are offering a Free " Get Acquainted Packet" ,a $97 offer for FREE with "no obligation-just great information". I hope you'll take Sheila up on this offer and check out using a Living Books approach, a Charlotte Mason approach, and Living Books Curriculum Online! The site's address is