Grandparents Day

Just a reminder that tomorrow is Grandparents Day! If your family is blessed to still have Grandparents alive, as do mine, please be sure and call them tomorrow. If you live close by, a visit would be a wonderful gift for all generations! Our family will be heading on a cross country trip to be with Grandpa during surgery this coming week.
We plan to take our Grandparents Day gifts at that time. This upcoming event has reminded us how important it is to daily be involved in each others lives! Our family is spread across the USA but we daily are in touch. My parents have made sure that the miles did not come between them and their grandchildren. My children know they are blessed. I am including some links below in case you need some last minute ideas.
I recently read the idea to make a plaster mold of your parents and your child's hands. What a tangible gift to have through the years! We hope to do this before Papaw goes into surgery. In years passed we have had special meals, read books together, sent homemade love packages, etc... We have also had special performances for the grandparents by the grandchildren. The reading of special reports or poems about the Grandparents have also been keepsakes. I still have the one I wrote about my Grandmother! We always pray together and it is special when each generation takes part.
No matter how you spend the Holiday, I hope you will take the time to thank God for one another.I hope you take time to let the Grandparents know they are loved and appreciated! Our older generation is a great value and blessing to society!

Grandparent's Day Gift Links:

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Becky said…
NOTE: For some reason the DLTK link has stopped working. There are easy free ideas there. You could easily access this by visiting their website. I apologize for the failed link and will try and work this out asap!

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