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TOS is offering all of us a FREE resource as we begin our new school year! I just downloaded this one myself, a few nights ago. It will be one I read and read again! This new E-Book is titled, "The New School Year:
Planning Your Course and Letting the Lord Determine Your Steps". This book is contributed to by several seasoned Homeschoolers. You'll be guided and encouraged as your read and begin to process how you will plan the coming days.

Maybe you are like me and have planned only to have a crisis hit the household? It seems we have events like this yearly! we are going to be reminded to return to the Father and let His steps guide us. As a friend puts it, " We are going to be reminded to put first things first". Planning Your Homeschool Year ~ How to Cooperate With the Holy Spirit begins the book with encouragement from Steve and Jane Lambert, of Five in a Row. You will also hear from Homeschoolers Amanda Bennett, Terri Johnson, and Malia Russell. Organization and Multi-Level teaching are some of the topics covered. Even after ten years of Homeschooling and many dwellings, I still can glean new ideas for best organizing our Homeschool! Amanda Bennett shares how to organize with Unit Studies throughout the seasons of life and creation! We love Unit Studies and I am eager to glean some more tips from a dear favorite author. Another favorite, Ruth Beechick, also shares. Cheryl Allen and TOS will help you through a three phase mission as you plan your "Special Ops"!

Get ready to move your troops in a systematic way! Get up and get moving! Download your copy NOW ( just click on the picture image ) and let's meet this year head on, taking the world by storm! We CAN do it!! YOU CAN DO IT!! Have a great year!

Get this FREE!

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