TOS Review: Web Design For Kids ( ...and Curious Grownups too)

I am a writer, not a computer "miss know it all". Nope, that would be my daughter! The beauty of Homeschool, you often get taught a thing or two by your students! It seems the whole computer "know-how" is a natural gift of my children. It is my daughter who introduced me to Facebook and Blogging. My daughter has an interest in web design, and my son navigates the web with lightning speed. He enjoys having the world at his fingertips! He has been dreaming of joining his mom and sister in the world of online publishing. I kept telling him to wait until he was a little older. What excitement when I pulled out this DVD and told him, to set up the laptop! I told him that I was tired of not understanding HTML and needed to learn, so why don't we learn together? After all, the title by Click-Drag Solutions is, "Web Design for Kids (..and Curious Grownups!)! Immediately, my son "clicked" with Brian Richardson, the producer of the DVD. Mr. Richardson is a middle school computer literacy teacher. He states on his website that he asked himself, "What ONE valuable thing could I teach kids in my classroom that would have the potential of staying with them for the rest of their lives?" After years blessing children in the classroom, he realized he could bless even more by sharing his hands-on lessons in DVD format! Thankfully, this has come to fruition! Beyond that, the Click-Drag Foundation has been formed to "play a part in helping to bridge the digital divide" by providing DVDs and instruction to at-risk youth programs in urban neighborhoods. Click-Drag Foundation is going to help empower people across our nation. I urge you to visit

Back to our humble living room. Watching Mr.Richardson and two students, my son was led by, step-by-step instructions to create his own web page. Fists in the air, and shouts of accomplishment filled our afternoon! My son felt empowered! I was excited to be learning myself! I had been so overwhelmed by other resources on this topic. There was just to much information! I am delighted with this DVD! I too am being empowered! Below is a video sample of the DVD from YouTube:


With this DVD and your computer, you'll be on your way to understanding HTML. No extra software is needed, you use Notepad and your Internet Explorer, that is on most computers. The DVD is aprox. 1 hour and 22 minutes. and consists of seven chapters. Subjects covered in this DVD are:
* The 10 Basic Lines of Code
* Coloring the background and letters
* Making Letters Move Across the Screen
* Changing Fonts
* Adding Pictures

There is a bonus chapter on File and Folder Management. The recommended age bracket is eight and above. My eleven year old was able to follow along on his own, with me near by for any questions. Having the two preteen kids involved encouraged him along. I would get tickled as I would hear him say "No!" along with the kids,or answer questions along with them. I would hear "Exactly, Man" or "Way to go!" You would of thought that Mr. Richardson and the two kids were in my living room along with my son! My son has divided his learning time into two sessions. You could divide it into seven lessons, do it all in one session , or any other way that works for you! My son liked being able to stop the DVD to allow him time to follow through in the instruction and rewind when he did not quite understand.

My son's only complaint was that he wanted more! It all ended to soon. Dude, there's another DVD coming out! That's right, a second DVD continuing instruction. This is scheduled to be released in the fourth quarter of 2009! It can't come to soon! We are so excited! My son has dreams of going on to develop a site for kids around the world!How fun to see him so excited while learning a new skill, and practicing keyboard and writing skills! I think this has sparked years of learning and developing our skills! I hope you will go and check out this DVD and company yourself. You will be blessed and will bless in return.
In the next blog I will discuss how Mr. Richardson shares his blessings with others.
I hope you will join me then. Many blessings to you as you continue a lifestyle of learning!

Every Blessing,