TOS Review - Barnum Software Quarter Mile Math


I have had the awesome chance to review Quarter Mile Math Deluxe Software Edition with my son! What fun he has with this! He actually asks, "Can we do Quarter Mile Math?" I love it because it is a great way to review ALL Math topics. We want our children to master each Math topic. I made pretty good grades in Math but cannot say that I retained a lot. Wanting to be sure this does not happen to my children, I was so excited to receive this in the mail! This truly is "The Math Practice Software Kids Love!"

Any family would benefit from this product, despite your School Choice! The player chooses a wild riderless horse and heads to the meadow or an awesome smoking dragster headed to the dragstrip! Designed to be self-competitive, students will be challenged to incredible personal improvement. The Guide Book states, " The object of the game is to improve your elapsed times by answering the problems faster and faster. Your top five average elapsed time is the method by which you can track your progress and/or compete against others in that topic."

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Every time my son finishes his time on the software, he says, "This is so much fun!" His attitude towards Math class has changed as he knows what comes after the lessons. No more flashcards for us! We now only use Quarter Mile Math for practice! We have fun with Math! I have stopped worrying about if I will cover "it all" in Math! With the topic list in hand, I am sure not to miss anything! We are going to see great improvement in computation time this year both for my son and myself! In the short time we have had this, we already have seen great improvement in our son's performance. Math class does not drag on for hours or only get part way done!

Quarter Mile Math has added more affordable options for subscribing to the Deluxe version. Subscribers can now get it for…
--- $2.95 per family per month
--- $19.95 per family for one year (save $15.45 over one year) and
--- $34.95 per family for two years (save $35.85 over two years).
I think the price is very reasonable! You will see rewards far greater!

The Deluxe Version has all 323 topics in the product line! It covers K through 9th grade (pre-algebra). This version tracks student progress over time automatically. All your students records appear on one single screen. This is so user friendly! My son enjoys being able to see his own progress. Another fun option that this version allows, is that students can be in real-time tournaments with other family members on multiple computers ( DSL or cable is required for this feature.). They say that even a sibling or grandparent out-of-state can participate.
We have not done this yet, but I hope to see if I can get a few family members to join in on the healthy competition while keeping their brains sharp! Another beneficial feature of this version is the fact that multiple students can use it on different computers simultaneously! Free upgrades will be available. The program can be downloaded, ordering a CD backup is optional. Internet connection is required with this version but students never go to the web. With a minimum connection of dial-up, students scores are automatically saved to Barnum Software's Quarter Mile Math server. Note for Co-op's and Homeschool groups: it is possible for group families that subscribe as a group ( call for details ) can conduct their own tournaments! Students can see their rankings among their peers and compare scores all in real time! How fun would that be? I think that would be awesome! Go to to start your subscription. You will be charged monthly.
This subscription is flexible. You may stop the subscription at any time. Barnum Software offers an unconditional, 30-day, money-back guarantee.

As for the Standard Version, while I have not viewed this version I can tell you a little about it. There are seven different Standard programs to choose from covering different grade ranges. These require a one time purchase -prices ranging from $39.95 to $89.95 depending on the grade range. The student's progress is tracked over time in this version as well. This version can be installed on multiple computers but only one student can use it at a time. Despite this, users of the Standard version can do tournaments, too. They can either take turns racing on a single computer and compare their rankings based on top-five average scores, or they can compete on different computers and simply compare scores! Be aware that upgrades will be available on this version as well, but at $5 an upgrade. The Standard Version arrives on a CD shipped to you. No Internet connection is needed with this version. Student scores are saved onto your computer. By visiting the website, you can further research the differences in versions. Again that is,

A Homeschool Mother suggested the company create a special section on their website for Homeschoolers. Barnum Software Quarter Mile Math delivered! They added a special section on their website designed specifically for homeschoolers. To get to it, click on “For Homeschoolers” in the main banner bar of buttons. (If that button doesn’t appear, try refreshing the web page.) In that section you’ll find helpful resources like…
--- “Getting Started” (Information that will help you understand the basics of the Quarter Mile Math quickly and easily and help your kids jump right in to using it.)
--- “Tips & Info” (This will be an ongoing series of emails to help you make the most effective use of the program. Once emailed, they will be posted on this page. Anyone can sign up to receive these emails.)
--- “Printable Progress Chart” (Helps you keep track of students’ progress in The Quarter Mile Math.)
--- “Users’ Forum” (A place for homeschoolers to see how others are incorporating The Quarter Mile Math into their curricula.)

Just today I was notified that you, my awesome readers, may use the code below to receive a discount, $5 off any product! On the Order Form input 7X7X7! This code will be good till September 30th.

Thank you Quarter Mile Math! Just watch YOUR family line up to play! Oh, and then join in yourself! Happy Racing!