New TOS E-Book/ College Success Begins At Home

I have been recently encouraged as I read the new E-Book, " College Success Begins at Home: Seasoned Homeschoolers Share Their Experiences."

As a seasoned Homeschooler myself, and the Mother of a Homeschool High School graduate I found myself wishing I had this book years ago! I am so excited that many are choosing to Homeschool "all they way" and many are sharing their experiences for the next generation of Homeschoolers! Wherever you are at in your Homeschool journey I hope you will purchase this treasure of an E-Book! Pour your favorite drink and join us in the cabana as we dig through the treasures presented in this book! I felt as if I were among friends as I read the candidly shared experiences by many families.

The book starts out discussing the importance of a strong foundation and examples of building one. Part two shares stories, strengths and strategies. No doubt that before you set sail on such a journey you will want some strategies for navigating the waters of High School! I gained some new ideas for my youngest as I read from others experiences. Areas like Mentoring, Worldview, and defending ones faith are all touched on ,alongside many other topics. For any journey, records are an important tool. A family openly discusses the matter of record keeping! I know I was so grateful for seasoned Homeschooler's who shared with me when I was preparing for my daughter's High School career. I know you will treasure all of these stories, and have many nuggets of information to craft your own journey! I am renewed in my passion for staying the course and not getting off the ship till we reach port! This section also covers just how to to create that Transcript! It is an invaluable document for those wanting to sail on to Higher Education!

Part Three discusses preparing your teen with various learning abilities, and in dealing with unique abilities. You will be challenged to recognize and address the needs of your own High Schooler. Recommended resources are given throughout the book. You will then move on to deciding what is best for your family. Every High Schooler is unique and each has a future. This is evident just from the families that shared. There are many choices and paths to take in the world after High School. In Part Four you will join other families in exploring issues that may effect you and your family as you answer hard questions about the future and the next leg in your child's journey. Two graduates openly share the two different paths they took. Both will inspire you! This is in Part Five of the book.

In Part Six, you are nearing the end of your journey and planning the celebration ahead. Just how do you do that? How fun to share in the celebration of this family! You will hear from both Father and daughter! Our own Graduation was such a special time and a blessing to all who participated! You will be so glad you took the time to plan and celebrate this event! Take this template and just as your journey was unique, make this celebration unique to your graduate!

The Appendix contains a Hands-On list of project ideas for your High Schooler! Also, there is a complete list of all resources recommended by the all the contributing authors. Yet another bonus of a treasure: TOS Resource List!

Again, what a treasure of a book! I know you will treasure all of these stories, and have many nuggets of information to craft your own journey! This one will be on my "must read" list that I often share with those who ask, " How did you stay the course and finish the journey?" What a joy to glean from others! As Kathy Reynold's says in the conclusion ," ...and with the Lord's help, go on to share your Homeschooling success story with others!"