Golden Anniversary

This coming week holds a blessed event for our family. We will be celebrating my parents Golden Wedding Anniversary! My sister and I have been busy planning for months and contacting friends and family from over the years. This large undertaking has brought us closer and I am very grateful for it! My sister and I are many years apart and many miles apart. I hope this growing closer continues. I know it will if we choose to let it!

We have gone with an elegant beach theme as our parents have always enjoyed trips to the Ocean or Great Lakes. We decided to not go with the "golden" theme. Our parents are such fun that we wanted a theme that expressed their love of enjoying family and God's creation! My sister found a lovely hall that I will share more about after the event. Most of this event is a surprise so you'll have to wait till next week to know all the fun details! I'll even have a few budget wise tips and crafts to share with you!

In a time where marriage is entered into so lightly, what a joy to be celebrating fifty Years! My parents have lived every bit of their vows. They served over forty years in ministry and service to others. My Mother has served in the public school system most of these fifty years! She is currently a well loved substitute in their local system. Our family has been very blessed by the legacy these two are making! I pray their day will be beautiful and memorable. I pray our vain attempt to display our gratitude and love will be FUN and a moment we will forever remember!


Michelle said…
I'm praying you have a wonderful weekend with family, celebrating your parents' historic union. Enjoy yourselves and post some new photos and fill us in when you return!
Michelle said…
I've awarded you with an award on my blog. Congratulations!
Becky said…
Thank you for your loyal readership, comments and the award! I am so excited! We had a blessed time and I can't wait to share all about it! For now, laundrey to do!