I wanted to share a story about two young scouts with big dreams.They are the first and second son of a faithful friend of mine. When we were young Mother's we lived in neighboring apartments. One day, my friend locked herself out of her home. A desperate knock on my door began a life long friendship. She currently lives in the North, and I the south but thanks to the computer we keep in close contact.

Her sons are dreaming of attending Nationals. In order to go they must sell popcorn! I know our family loves various kinds of popcorn for a healthy snack, especially when we have "Movie Night"! Please consider placing a popcorn order for these two boys. The oldest is currently going through the process to be an Eagle Scout! We are so proud of both boys!

To order go to http://www.orderpopcorn.com/store/Catalog/Default.aspx and place your order for Trails End Gourmet Popcorn! The website claims that 70% of each order goes to the scout or council! You must enter the code for one of the boys for it to count. The oldest boys is: TEWKJ8J. The second oldest boys number is:TEWKJ7P. The Popcorn order will be shipped directly to your home! Choose from a variety of offers including one that allows Trails End to ship assorted popcorn products to the men and women of the military! Here is the chance to help two generations who work hard, to learn, grow and make our world a better place! Already, Trails End has sent 300 tons of popcorn on behalf of Boy Scouts of America! How awesome! Maybe you like Butter, Tins or Microwave Popcorn? These too are offered and sent directly to your home. I hope you will consider placing your popcorn order with this organization! Remember that when you do - enter one of the boys codes! Thank you so much for supporting our Scouts!


SevenSmiths said…
Aw, Becky, you know I would buy some if I didn't need to buy from my own son! I hope your friends' sons sell lots of popcorn to meet their goals. :)
Becky said…
Aw, that is ok! Thank you for your well wishes! I hope your son too meets his goals!
I think this is a great program. I hope readers will purchase if not for the boys I mention, than at least for a scout in their area or family! Best wishes and keep us posted!