Hi friends! This summer we put the Homeschool formal lessons to the side, and I have not planned activities every moment. We have lists of ideas to guide us ( if we need them) but otherwise we are living 'free' this summer! Last night we all screamed for ice cream! So ,we made sundaes and played putt-putt on the Wii as it was dark and stormy outside. We made jokes and laughed so hard our sides hurt! It was so simple, cheap, spontaneous, and precious! ;-)We are enjoying finding time to play. Playing alone, playing together, playing for fun, creativity and healthy competition; all these times have been a blessing! I hope you will take some time to play! Maybe you'll even do like the neighbor and my son did, play in the rain!

I love summer - tonight,my son and neighbors are riding bikes out in the rain and having a blast! Brownie Explosion is waiting for him when he comes in! ;-) After hubby and daughter return from choir rehearsal, my daughter and I are going to watch our "sinful" pleasure (So You Think You Can Dance) and eat brownies while son and hubby play and watch theirs (Wipeout!) - love,love,love the summer! How are you playing this summer?