"Come on Squirt, you can do it!" Well, what did you and your family do on Wacky Wed.? Did you remember to take time to PLAY!? We have talked about how wacky Wednesday's can be. We here at TIH decided it is the perfect day to celebrate hope by playing together, celebrating living!

Today on our wacky day, we went driving down roads we never have been for. We are praying for God to lead us to a cheaper place to live, one with a yard and a fence, one with a screened in porch or lanai, and one that has other children in area! We got a few leads today and came up with more questions we need to ask of ourselves.
After our adventure we headed to the movies and saw "Night At the Museum 2-The Smithsonian." We LOVED it! We felt like we laughed for most the film. No part was
really dull. Our seventeen year old whispered to her Daddy, "This is the best movie ever!" She whispered to me "This movie is the perfect field trip for Tapestry of Grace Students!" We did come up with what we thought to be a better ending, but overall, we think this is a keeper. The kids then came home and played with the dogs, and each went to their rooms for a spell. Later, son sat down with Daddy to watch their favorite silly show -"WIPEOUT!". Everyone is now headed to bed and dreaming of what activities will tomorrow hold? What adventures are ahead?

To urge you to dream, adventure, and play we are going to have a contest. Tell us your adventure in play this summer. All entries will be entered into the drawing to win a grab-bag of toys for play! I will announce the winner next Wed. night! Post your comment today!

In the meantime visit for ideas on ACTIVE play! Ideas abound at this site! Get up and PLAY together! Celebrate being alive this summer!


TOSHeidi said…
My girls and I love playing Nancy Drew computer games - it's something that the three of us can all work on together, despite the wide age range (my girls are 15 and 9). Over the years, we've bought and solved almost every single one of them, and we still get excited when we see a new one on the store shelves.

This past week, my younger daughter and I have enjoyed playing the Hank the Cowdog game together a few times. We've also recently discovered Life Twists & Turns and we LOVE it!

We're big fans of the Night at the Museum movies. Even my 3 year old loves the first one! So, we went as a family to see the 2nd one and we really enjoyed that one as well. I'd be interested in hearing about your alternate ending.


P.S. I love your blog and your music player - I've never seen one like that before.
Becky said…
I really enjoyed reading how Heidi and her girls have enjoyed each other this summer.