No-Cost Resource Article

A few days ago I received a link to an article by Terri Johnson, of Knowledge Quest.
The article is titled, " 5 Must-Have No Cost Resources for Homeschooling". The article is timely as many Homeschool families are wandering how they will afford curriculum this year. There are families who are wrestling with if they should continue their child in a private school. I pray that families will first pray and then check out this article and its links before making any decisions! It is a good start for searching out free resources. There are many more to be shared as well, and it is my hope to do so as often as possible for you, my readers. Be sure and pass these on; tell others about my blog and the many others that freely share wonderful cost-saving tips for both Home and Homeschool! Together, we can do it! Terri freely gave me permission to share her article with you. Click on the above link ( the title ) to go straight to the article. There you will find links she shares and read her message to each of us! As she, I pray this "sparks the fuel that starts your creative engine and keeps it going"! Carry on my friends!