Knowledge Quest on SALE

Before I begin today's blog, I should warn you it is obviously not my normal Tuesday blog concerning recipes. I have had a few emails and comments that people are ready to check out what is cooking in my kitchen! Sorry to let you down but the news I received today had to be shared! I'll be posting a recipe later this week, and will soon be telling you the latest adventure going on in our kitchen! For now though, here's the breaking news:

Knowledge Quest is having some sales that I think you may be interested in! As many of you know, this is one of my favorites! As I have told you, KQ products have been a part of our Homeschool for years!

Between today and July 29th, you can purchase Knowledge Quest's "Wonder's of Old". It is a blank time-line book that I believe will be a treasure in your home for years to come. It covers from 5000BC-Present. It is hard-bound and one of the most popular products from Knowledge Quest. With savings like this maybe you can get one for each child! It is a comment Terri often gets. This week you can get the book half-off by purchasing the first at regular price and then getting the 2nd, third, even up to fourth at half-off! Your children will record in their own hand, recording entries across academic subjects. We personally use Timeline figures from Homeschool in the Woods.

Timelines are very helpful in cementing historical facts both in children and adults. I know our own timelines have greatly helped us in our family.
We enjoy being able to visually see the flow of history. A time-line helps you make connections between events and society as a whole. The web page states that the book is divided into four historical time periods: ancient, medieval, new world and modern. It also mentions that a date reference is included at the end of each section for reference. There is a link to read other reviews if you are not yet convinced! Visit the site and see for yourself! For you who have been waiting for a chance to buy multiples of this, the time is here! Notice that not just the hard-bound copy is on sale! You also have the choice of wall or software at reduced prices!


If you need blackline maps ( smile, you know my love for those ) click on the tag in my sidebar or the picture above! The timelines and maps are must-haves for your child's History education!


SevenSmiths said…
Oh, no, don't tempt me by another sale! I'm trying to reorganize schoolbooks now and make sure I have a spot for everything as it is! ;) Seriously, I know Knowledge Quest has some great items. Thanks for letting your readers know. :)