Joy in Hope

I have been in the trenches the past few days. I know many others have been fighting their own personal battle as well. I don't think my prayer list as ever been so long.
I am going to have start a new system soon for covering them all. I have been researching prayer notebook ideas. I'll have to pick a few favorite ideas and share them with you on Monday (remember Monday's are Manic Monday's when I will share organization and housekeeping tips). I also have some great articles to share and a new Brownie recipe for Tantalizing Tuesday! So you will definitely want to check back in! In the mean time, enjoy the Fourth Holiday weekend! Celebrate your friends and family, celebrate life, celebrate the freedoms you have (yes, we still are blessed) and capture the moments so that you may enjoy them on the journey ahead!

Let me close today with this shared by a friend who was doing her Bible Study: She said to read Romans 12:12 "Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer." God laid it on her heart to share it with me! WOW - that was some meat for today! Dive in!