Fun for the Family

It is wacky Wednesday already and I like to make sure some lighthearted fun is had on Wednesday's to combat that middle of the week slump. My son and I recently stumbled upon a site that he now frequently visits. It is a Trivia site! He sees it as having fun, and occasionally proving he knows more about a subject than Mommy! I see it as much more. He has learned how to access the site on his own (computer literacy). He is improving his reading skills both orally and silent as he reads the questions. He is learning test taking skills. I could go on and on. It just is pure pop culture fun to this kid, and I am thrilled! He is thinking about creating his own submission now!

There are many categories to choose from including Religion, History, Animals, Literature, a "Just for kids" section, and many more! There are way too many quizzes for one to check them all, so be careful. If your child is not ready to make a decision if something is appropriate or not, than you may just want to do this activity together. This is something we tend to do during the high heat of the summer day, when it is too hot to be outside and we need to calm things down a bit. The website claims 91118 quizzes and 13207 categories currently exist!

It might be fun to access this together on a rainy afternoon, and then create your own trivia game for the family to play that evening. What a wonderful way to also reinforce topics your child is currently studying. Enjoy each other, take time to PLAY even when it is too hot or rainy. Enjoy each other and get outside, get off the screens, but when you do need an educational and fun activity - give this one a try!
Trivia is fun!

The link is: