The Dog, the Blog and my Manic Monday

Wow, it is another Manic Monday! Where did last week go? I am so excited to have so many wonderful resources to share with you this week! First though, I wander if anyone can answer this question: Why does my dog always decide he wants to play, just as I begin to work on my blog!? Seriously! LOL - well, I wanted another child!

As you know Monday's are usually hard for me. Today was exceptional though! It started with wonderful quiet precious moments with my husband. Later in the morning I then looked out the window and caught a Monarch Butterfly pass by. Living in the far south, in a tropical area, we are blessed with butterflies. Years ago I rad a blog about a woman in crisis who chose a symbol in nature to remind herself that God was always with her. She suggested choosing something you do not normally see so that God can place it in your life at the moment you need encouragement. I felt challenged. I thought this all sounded pretty cool. I am pretty big on hanging on to faith, hope and love to get me through.

I love butterflies. Sense we were living in the North at the time, I chose Butterflies, and decided to go with the Monarch to represent God is King! I thought that not only would I remember the Holy Spirit's presence but also the fact that God is supreme over ALL things! Sure enough, many a time, a Monarch would appear when I needed the most encouragement! Now, imagine my delight when I realized the gardens around our new home are butterfly friendly!! On my worst of days I could be laying down and looking out at a beautiful garden and Monarch butterflies dancing at my window! What a beautiful gift for my Creator to give me!

The butterflies disappeared when landscapers pruned our garden and landscaped a few months ago. Last week, I cried out as I felt so dry spiritually, and at a low time physically and emotionally. I thought "even my Butterflies are gone", " Lord, have you forsaken me?" Last night I had beautiful prayer time and went to bed encouraged.
As I made lunch, a monarch butterfly arose out of the purple flowers out the kitchen window! "My butterfly! There is hope! Lord, you ARE with me! In fact, you never left!"