Casserole Night

With two little ones under foot, I worked on tonight's casserole. I had forgot what it was like to have two at my feet while cooking! Conversation did abound, and I often stumbled spilling a drop of cheese here and a piece of meat there. This was all to the enjoyment of Scooter and Domino! They seem quite interested in the casserole, let us see if the rest of the clan does! This recipe received high stars at the Kraft Food site! Have you ever checked this site out? Oops, the microwave beeped....

Ok, back. The casserole looks and smells amazing! I love casseroles as they seem to always go further than one of my regular dinners! Hmmm, why is that?

Well, if you ever find yourself pulling together odds and ends from the pantry to make dinner, then Kraft food usually has a solution! We are having Mac&Cheese Lasagna! It was so simple! I had a box of whole grain rotini mac & cheese, a jar of organic spaghetti sauce, some shredded mozzarella, and some ground turkey meat. I layered it up, stuck it in the microwave after adding a little Parmesan and in ten minutes - beep, beep, beep is DONE! Dinner is ready!