Bedazzled Chaos

Bedazzled Chaos is a new wordpress blog wrote by teen girls for teen girls! I recently asked one of the authors if I could share about their site.
The site is a group effort by teen girls who tend to spend a lot of time following the lives of celebrities, as many teens do. These girls each give a bio, and it seems they vary in dreams and life but have one common thread -they love to watch, read, write and talk about teen celebrities! This site gives us the low down of what the teens are "chatting" about, a glimpse into their world. Mom's enter at your own risk!

The banner to the site is a collage of pictures of many teen girls. I think the name of the blog is very fitting to both the banner and the content of this site. The girls have taken their hobby and done something productive with it! Teens can access the site and quickly get an overview of all the latest teen celebrity news while watching videos with commentary by the contributors.Recently both "Pushplay" and "Demi Lovato" gave a "shout out" to Bedazzled Chaos! It seems this site is already gaining quite the following.

Most of my readers are probably wondering why a Homeschooling Mother would blog about such a site, and what did I really think of it? I think it is good for the girls to write and share their passions. It is obvious this is only a part of their lives. I know one girl personally, and I know she is full of talent herself. She has a lot to share with the world. Another shares she has a 4.0 GPA. These girls come from various lives and yet, they are working together to provide information and entertainment to their peers. Who knows, this could lead to future jobs in Journalism? Maybe, it is the birth of a lifetime blogger who will continue to share their world with others! No, I don't agree with every word used. Sometimes I cringe at the pictures.However, the girls are presenting a honest view, from a teens perspective, on the topics that are very much a part of their world and important to them. Being a blog, other teens can weigh in with their perspective on a video or the latest photo shoot by a celebrity. Imagine the dialogues that could take place!

Currently the site lists 34 categories. There is a Home Page, a Meet Us page,and a Video page. The video page has sub-links to Shout- Outs/Intros, Concert Video, and an Interview page coming soon ! For those teens interested in celebrities such as Taylor Swift, Jonas Bros., Miley Cyrus, Zac Efron and others this is a blog to frequent to find out the latest "news" and what your peers are thinking about it! I just urge you to share your own perspective as well, become part of the "Bedazzled" community. You can find a link to this blog below.

Mom's and Dad's think about allowing your son or daughter to set up their own site about what they enjoy and have a passion for! What a great way to teach creative writing, computer literacy, dialogue skills, responsibility, publishing, encourage reading and more! If you and your child feel inadequate in computer knowledge to do so, then I recommend three things. One, there are many books available at the library on blogging and creating websites. Two, research "how to" sites on the Internet. Three, I will soon be posting a review for a wonderful instructive DVD titled "Web Design for Kids and Curious Adults"! There is a website for this product which will also be in my review. Stay tuned to this Blog for that! Teens check out "Bedazzled Chaos" and let them know what you think!