TOS Summer Bouquet

WOW! I am left speechless by the beauty of the Summer Bouquet that is being offered to us by our friends at The Old Schoolhouse Magazine! TOS is my favorite Homeschool Magazine. As we Homeschool parents begin to look towards the 2009-2010 year, I believe most of us are looking how we can stretch our dollar. We are looking for inspiration, resources, and learning ideas. TOS is ready to deliver those along with a beautiful summer bouquet of 19 free gifts! We will feel like our child or sweetheart is bringing us flowers all summer long as our gifts come in!

Click here and review the 19 gifts as well as possible bonus gifts! Only the first 5,000 new or renewing two -year subscribers can receive this beautiful bouquet! Here is the link for you to paste and copy, or even easier, just click on the picture above!

What a life long gift to receive a free 10x13 portrait with no sitting fee! It seems my son is changing daily; I will cherish this gift! My son aspires to be a film-maker and actor. What a gift to be able to receive a free online introductory film making course from Advent Film Group and TOS! (a $49 value) This is the group that produced "Come What May"! Can you even imagine how this gift could touch our world? That got me thinking, "Can you imagine not only the Homeschool's that will so be positively touched by these gifts and TOS magazine in their homes, but how this could change our world?" It struck me that generations could be changed. These are my thoughts not claims by any company, of course!

Lapbooks are popular among today's Homeschool families. "Hands of a Child" has teamed up with TOS to offer a free project CD geared towards your Homeschool!
($13.50 -$26.50) I have heard a lot about these resources and will be so excited to have this! I will request "Plants" for grades 4-8th. With a 79 page project pack, I am sure we will have lots to blog about and will learn a great deal about this part of God's beautiful creation! The lapbook will be a treasure on our shelves, I am sure! We did our first lapbook a year ago and really enjoyed having such a keepsake of our work!

About six years ago I met Sharon Jeffus online. She is the amazing artist and author of the Visual Manna series. She was a great encouragement to me as I was choosing to Homeschool through High School. I will be forever grateful for God crossing our paths.Thus, I was so excited to see that she too has teamed up with TOS to bring us, "Teaching American History Through Art" on CD. The pages will be ready to print as I need them! What an asset this will be to our American History study! What a help to someone like me who is not so art savvy but wants to learn alongside her child!

I have just touched on four of the 19+ gifts you and I can receive with our two-year subscription to The Old Schoolhouse Magazine! Don't wait - click on the link in this post (above)! Remember only the first 5,000 subscribers can get this lovely bouquet of gifts that will beautify your life and Homeschool! I am so excited to tell you about this! By the way, 50 random subscribers will be given a one-week free pass to a participating Curves location! How exciting!

Again, if you too can benefit from this offer, just click on the picture above or copy and paste this link: