There is Hope!

So maybe you are asking why I call this blog "There is Hope"? It is because that is my life message to each of you! I am living proof that Hope can be a healer! Hope sustains us. My hope, rests in my Lord, Jesus Christ. He is the healing hope of my past, the sustaining hope of today, and the victorious hope of tomorrow! Faith, hope and love are the coals that fuel my fire daily to be an overcomer of all things earthly. My sickness, my disabilities, my failures, my achievements, my victories, my beauty, my pride - ALL things are fleeting. Life is so fast! I have found great strength and peace by looking at this life with an eternal perspective. Keep the coals of faith, hope and love burning in your own life as you journey to the HOPE that eternity holds! Jesus is waiting with outstretched arms to give you ALL you need!