Missed you!!

Hi everyone! Happy Summer Break! ;-) I would love to hear about what your plans are for the summer! I missed writing to you the past few weeks! Did you miss me? We had a busy household with many guests in and out and graduating our oldest child; our first Homeschool Graduate! I'll write more about the service in a moment. This has been a season of intense emotion and reflection for us. Last night we watched a silly movie ( Happily Everafter 2 ) and I was caught by a quote; " Remember, the mirror tells only half the story..." Think on that one for a spell. I'll be back soon with great stories and reviews. Watch daily as some great contests and give -aways will be posted! Until then - What does the mirror of your soul reflect?


zimbousa said…
Beautiful photo - tks for sharing. The mirror of my soul reflects sadness these days but it is getting better
Julie Knight
SevenSmiths said…
I still can't believe your "little" girl has graduated! I remember when she was only 12. I know she has grown up into such a lovely young lady, and you are very proud of her--rightly so! Again, congratulations!