Manic Monday's

Every Monday brings the song " It's Just Another Manic Monday"... or " Oh, Monday Monday..." So it only seems natural that Monday's should be "Manic Monday" on There Is Hope! Hopefully, I can share some treasure I have found to make Monday's a little less manic!! I do plan ahead, and take a restful Sunday by the way, but seriously, I just have never been good at Monday's! Hmm...I bet I get some thoughts on that one!

Another Homeschool mother who lives in my state posted a link to an article she wrote. It is a very organized list of Homeschool Resources. I hope I can get permission to link you to the article! In the meantime, as many of us Homeschool Mother's are gearing up for a new year, I urge you to explore the many reviews posted by the TOS Homeschool Crew! You can directly link to the reviews by clicking on the button to the right! Be sure and check back with me tomorrow! It will be a Tantilizing Tuesday as I share yet another quirk of mine - I collect recipes!!