Those who frequent my Facebook will notice I have a verse posted under my picture. It reads, "The Lord will fulfill his purpose for me." Psalm 138:8 NIV This verse has become a source of daily inspiration in my life, and so I wanted to share it with my readers and discuss this a bit.

As a person who has lived with rare chronic illnesses for fourteen years, I have often had to readjust my focus and dreams. So often we have a picture in our heads of what we should be doing, what our life should be like, what we should look like.
None of us would ever wish for our face to be changed by disease, or hope we cannot work, or that we would find ourselves losing all independence. We dream big dreams!
We imagine smooth sailing on our journey. What happens when we do run ashore and find ourselves broken and tattered? Where have we placed our value and self-worth? How do our priorities align? Where have we placed our hope for repair and new journeys ahead? These questions face many humans on a daily basis.

Over the years I have faced these questions. Often they reappear as new storms arise.
Today my husband and I discussed that so many see our life as "hecky doodle"; they just cannot imagine how we get through on a daily basis. We see our life as a blessing! Yes, the illnesses and other storms we have encountered, have been rough. They have tested our strength. They have rubbed us and shaped us like a stone tossed by the ocean. It is from that shaping that we find our blessing!

We have come to know our Saviour, Jesus Christ, in a way unimaginable. We understand the importance of time with one another. We have a deep love. Our family is close. We understand the value of life, the gift every breath is. We value every moment. We value family and friends. We know that there are far more valuable things in life than material items. I could go on and on with lessons we have been taught. I can promise you we will learn more today and every day that God grants! See, I know that my God has a plan and purpose for ME. I know He has one for YOU! If I trust Him with all my heart, mind and soul, He will be faithful to fulfill that which I was purposed to do. Dreams are important, they help fuel us and our activities. They shape us too. But I have come to allow the designer of the universe to design my dreams, and trust him to make those which he designs, a reality. I find great peace and hope in the verse above! I can look towards tomorrow and the journey ahead, knowing my captain will see me to my destination, through all the storms and obstacles in the way! I will have LIVED and had a fulfilled life!