Blackline Maps of World History - Knowledge Quest

Knowledge Quest's Blackline Maps of World History is one of the best investments I ever made for our Homeschool!

As I began to plan my daughter's High School studies, I knew immediately that maps would be a necessity in our studies. I was thrilled to find a product I could use with both my children, who are seven years apart! I loved that Terri Johnson had already done all the research, and prepared ready to use Blackline Maps that would help not only in teaching geography skills but also serve as a visual aid to our historical studies in Bible, History, Literature and Art! I chose to purchase the complete set of maps on CD-ROM. I print just what I need for each weeks lessons. I have used them throughout the past five years and shall continue to!Both my children appreciated these maps and have a wonderful collection. They appreciated the accuracy and that they were uncluttered, making it easy to label and color.

As I said, I purchased the Complete Set on CD-ROM but you may also purchase it in a hardbound book form, or you may now purchase it as a download for your immediate use!
The complete set covers from 5000BC - Present! Something you will use your entire Homeschooling Journey! The set is also broken into four time periods and can be purchased on CD-ROM, book form, or as a download. Be sure you have the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader, a free download, so that you may view the maps.

Maybe you have not yet been introduced to Blackline maps, and understand their importance and use. There is a wonderful article link on "What Historical Maps are and how to use them". While at the KQ site, be sure and check out the many other products and classes offered by Ms. Johnson and Knowledge Quest! Please access the KQ site by using the button to the right, in my sidebar! It will be worth your time and investment!