The 2009 Schoolhouse Planner - Review

Have I found the perfect planner for you?! YES! My children always say "Mom, you are so OCD!" I really am just a list lover and thrive on organization. When I shared with the family what I had found inside the 2009 Homeschool Planner we decided that OCD should be added to the title - Organized Creative Documents! As my children said, "Mom, it's like they got inside in your head and knew every form you could want!" I am like a kid in the candy store with this one!

Upon purchasing the planner($39.00) you download the 375 page document, and can begin printing immediately; although, you may decide to type in your information directly to the document and then print! I have kept a "Mom's Notebook" for many years. I can't wait to create this years and be even more organized! These forms are so easy to use and spark so many new ideas for organization and creativity. For those who have last year's planner this years is bigger and better than ever! There are 12 new essay's from favorite Homeschooling Authors, 12 new Must-Know lists, 21 new recipes and more!

The Planner begins with calendars for 2009-2012. A great help in planning ahead! There are Monthly Modules that contain essay's, resource lists, the month's calendars, and new recipes to try. With topics like "The Thirteen Colonies", "Weather", and "Lapbooks: A Creative Road to Retention", and more; you are likely to gain new wisdom! I think you will have your creativity sparked as you plan out the coming year's lessons! For you parents beginning to look towards High School, you will be blessed by one month's module, entitled "The Basics of Getting into College". As a Mother who just graduated her oldest, I suggest everyone print and save this article and resource list! You won't regret having this at your fingertips!

Next, there is a section, "Miscellaneous Educational Information" and another "Homeschool Forms". From the newest homeschool to the most seasoned, there are forms here for you to organize unlike ever before! Here you will find forms for weekly and daily planning and many more! I was so glad they included a High School Transcript form, and I'll be printing the End-of-the-year Evaluation Form for our portfolio evaluation coming up. All Homeschool types can benefit from these forms. There are even forms specifically for Unit Studies and Unschooling! For the many who are in co-op's, there are forms for that as well! TOS has done all the leg work for you! Imagine the hours saved by having all these forms available to you as the need arises!

Another section consists of Household forms. These range from Family Health Information to Monthly Homekeeping reminders and more! There are forms for what seems every part of life! There are too many for me to list! I know I will weekly use the menu and grocery planning forms. In these economic times many families use Budgets and Personal Finance Inventories.Yep, they are in this download! Again, pick and choose what you use and when you use it. You may find yourself using forms you never even thought of! With organization and hours saved, imagine the possibilities!

At Christmas time, I am sure I will be once again visiting my planner. I will be printing the Gift Wish List, Gift Budget and Christmas Card list. This should help us stretch our dollars this Christmas!

I have always held a daily devotional life as a real priority. I have had journals with notes, prayers jotted down, etc... Lately, I find myself writing on bulletins and slips of papers in my purse. I just recently decided that I need to set up a section in my "Mom's Notebook" and devote each Sunday afternoon to transferring my notes and prayer reminders to this section. My list of prayer requests grows and grows and I was sad to realize I was forgetting some! How blessed I was when I saw that this planner has a Prayer Journal, Bible Reading Schedule, and Bible Study Notes!

How delighted I am with this planner! I was unsure at first about the price, $39.00. Once I viewed the contents, took into consideration all the search time saved, all the stress and money saved when one is organized, easy to use recipes, and the resources and wisdom of top Homeschool Authors - I was overwhelmed at what a wonderful investment this is! PLUS - If you order between June 11, 2009 and July 12, 2009 you will receive the 2008 Planner Excerpts for FREE! (This is my Friday Freebie alert for this week!)

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zimbousa said…
Becky I loved this review - very detailed. I liked reading your blog too. Praying for your health to be better and better each day.