I have been so blessed lately to be connected and re-connected with so many Sisters in Christ this past year! Their stories, prayers, friendship, and encouragement challenge me on my own journey. They make me soar to new heights! I use the butterfly as a symbol of hope in my life. When I see a butterfly I am reminded that God is transforming me. I remember that I am His creation and I am beautiful! I remember that I shall soar and rise above every challenge that life brings, because He is the wind beneath my wings!

I look forward to sharing my story and the inspiring stories of these ladies and their families in the months to come. Be sure to check back often. I hope to blog at least twice a week for now.

May you be inspired as you visit this site in the months ahead. I hope you will soar to new heights in your journey. May you rise and soar as you meet each challenge with hope and love!

Be sure to send me your own story for possible inclusion. Send it to with "My Story" in the subject line. Thank you and God bless!