Homeschool Tips - Tips for all Homes

My Own Personal List of Tips:

We will start with these six actions I think really ALL parents should keep in mind:

1) Go to God in prayer daily and then listen! Turn everything off, be still, and listen! He will lead you to the right resources, the right path, and will provide. You will stand amazed!

2) See the blessing each individual child is. No two children are alike! Each child is uniquely and wonderfully made! Let God show you the passions and gifts of each to explore.

3) Allow and provide ample room, resources and time for each child to explore and develop their God given passions, talents, and gifts. This will allow the child room to hear God's calling in their life.

4) Get outside! Enjoy God's creation together and explore, experience!

5) Keep a daily journal on each child. Parent or child can do this. Include pictures, awards, and treasures found! You will be amazed at how much growing and learning takes place each week!

This year I used journals from Each child picked their favorite color and cover. This will be a journal treasured for generations!

6) Develop a lifestyle of learning! Life is a journey and we are meant to be ever learning and growing! Learning experiences are all around you!


SevenSmiths said…
Wow! What great reminders. I need to print this up and put it on my fridge so I can look at it every few days!