"Living In a Castle or Life as a Single?" ,

Review of "Living In a Castle or Life as a Single?" A We-E Book

I recently had the honor to read " Living In a Castle or Life as a Single" by Gena Saurez, Publisher of The Old Schoolhouse Magazine. I also chose to have my seventeen year old daughter read it. Mrs. Saurez offers "Discussion Questions" at the end and we enjoyed our lively discussion of these. My daughter understands the ministry that can occur during her single years, far better than I ever did! I too had my "laundry list" memorized and did so by the time I was twelve! I dutifully prayed daily telling God what He should give me! ( smile ) He did! ( smile again )
Mrs. Saurez shares her own story very openly. Through her story telling you begin to search your own thoughts and perspectives about single life. She shares how she later found her own perspective on this very topic. The spirit of discontent is discussed.
My daughter says, " I will readily suggest this book to the girls I mentor! " These girls are in Middle School and High School. I am sure many lively discussions are to come!
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My Daugter :)