Building Strong Arithmetic Thinking

Review of "Building Strong Arithmetic Thinking" By Dr. Ruth Beechick , a We-E Book:
I was so thrilled to find this title among the choices available among The Old Schoolhouse Magazine We-E Books! Dr. Ruth Beechick has been a favorite educator of mine for years! I find her advice invaluable!
My son failed to thrive in the womb. I developed HELLPS disease during the pregnancy and have an autoimmune disease. God has such a plan for this young man! He is such a miracle and has beaten every obstacle Doctor's thought he "might" have, and those he actually has had. Some school subjects have a come a little slower but we both work together, learning so much as we walk this journey. Math is an area where my ds has been able to excel when doing mental math or hands-on, but worksheets - forget it! Following a published curriculum , " No way! ". During our past two evaluations I was "gently" criticized for my methods of working with him on Math. Over the past year he and I have lost our joy in learning these skills. I have felt like a failure in this area and was greatly worried that I may cause our son to not be "passed". I truly felt that after nine years of Homeschool life, and graduating an Honors Graduate, I was now going to blow our chances of being open! Math Skills are critical for success.
After much prayer, into my life comes this book! What a blessing! I am renewed to stay the course God has led me to! Dr. Beechick gives you practical advice and application. You will once again understand why it is so important to build a solid foundation of skills before moving on to more advanced work. Dr. Beechick reminds us that we are best to do this and that we can!
Included is a very beneficial check-list for pre-school to grade three! This is helpful in evaluating where you are and what needs to be done! Further resources are also given. Thank you Dr. Beechick! This list and the book will be in our portfolio for sure! Best wishes to us all as we continue to navigate this journey! "YES, WE CAN! "