TOS HomeWork

The Old Schoolhouse brings you "HomeWork - Juggling Home, Work and School Without Losing Your Balance". A collection of real life stories, this book will inspire you and "spark" your mind.
As one who is moving into a new season of life, I found this book very helpful and inspiring. TOS divided the book into sections based on type of work -from -home jobs. Each author shares their story and also lists resources to their own businesses. I appreciate each author sharing honestly. I felt the book inspired but also gave a clear picture of the hard work and sacrifice involved. Many did not hold back sharing their struggles alongside victories, which is how life truly is.
Along with the stories, the book also gives information on tricks of the trade, finances, organizing and more. I recall several authors sharing their "schedules" , showing how they manage to try and make the most of each hour. An Appendix holds a list of "Additional Internet Resources".
This is a "must have" if you are a Homeschool Mother who is researching the idea of setting up your own business from home, for those wanting to start ministries, and those who must do something in these economic times! This is a fabulous starting point!
Your students could also benefit from reading this book. My oldest has been setting up her own ministry for about a year now. I plan to make this book required reading for all my children. This book could be included on your reading list for any Economics or Consumer Math course.
This is real life, nitty- gritty stuff in today's world. I want to prepare my children to Homeschool my grand-children and be able to provide; for my daughter to juggle all her callings; and for my son to be a provider in an unpredictable world. This book does not cover it all but is a delightful starting point in looking at this subject. God bless you on your endeavors!